Privacy policy

We are concerned about the privacy of our clients. We make sure that our clients’ privacy is protected, and we follow all the laws in this regard. This privacy policy aims to inform our clients how we use their data, which we collect. You can also find the measures which we take to protect your personal information.

The data of our clients is strictly limited to their transactions. We get basic information limited to their name, address, age, and email address. If a customer places an order, we ask for the data related to the transaction. It’s about their bank account number or the details of their debit or credit card. The use of this data is limited to the transaction only.

We use customers’ data for the following purposes.

  • To ensure the efficiency of our services.
  • To ensure that products are delivered without any hassle.
  • To enable our clients to track the status of their order.
  • To answer questions of our clients about their order.
  • To send survey forms to our clients.
  • To understand the behavior of our customers and to know their favorite products.
  • To inform our clients about the new discounts and offers
  • To inform newsletters about our most selling products.

We don’t share any information about our clients with any other supplier or third party. The data of our clients are not for sale. However, we have to share this information with the tax authorities if they ask for it.

We collect this information from our clients, as we want to facilitate their shopping experience. The sole purpose of this information is to help our clients. We have no intentions to breach their privacy and sell their data. 

The data is collected from the buyers when they place an order. The information is relevant to their purchase and transaction. After the order, this information is used to deliver the products. We also use this data to communicate with our clients for this product.

The only possibility to share this information is to follow the legal orders if any court asks us to do so. Otherwise, we do not share or sell information about our clients to anybody or any company, whosoever. The data is shared with the manufacturers for the completion of your order only.

The credit card and debit card details are not saved in our system. The payment gateway provider handles financial transactions. Suiting Style ensures you that your personal and financial information is completely safe and secure. We don’t compromise on the privacy of our clients.

Suiting Style is authorized to change the privacy policy according to the rules of the store. Our clients recommend checking this page to get information about the privacy policy and related updates. It is important to know the terms and conditions, and when you place your order, it means you agree with our privacy policy and associated terms and conditions.