Terms Of Service

Suiting Style is an international online store, and we have a set of terms and conditions. If you are visiting our website, read these terms, and we will appreciate your valuable feedback. These terms and conditions clarify our policies. If someone violates these terms and conditions, we have every right to take legal action against him or her.

All the material published on our website is the property of Suiting Style. It includes all the images, text, and graphics. Suiting Style has the intellectual property rights of the entire content presented on this website. Visitors are not allowed to download or reuse any image or text from this website. It cannot be used for any personal and commercial purpose. However, if any visitor wants to use our content or image, he needs to get permission from the authorities. If anyone is found violating the condition, Suiting Style has the right to take legal action against him. The company will not be responsible for any loss if he faces as a result of legal action.

The designers of our team create designs and illustrations on the website. Suiting Style has the license for these images, content, and illustrations. We don’t allow anyone to download, publish, sell, or modify the material published on our website. The condition is applicable for both personal and commercial use. If someone shares the content, image, or illustration from our website with any social media platform, we can take legal action against him. This condition applies to the part of the content and anything published on the website.

The information on the website is for providing instructions to the users. However, we will not be responsible if visitors experience an injury or loss after following these instructions. Our products are durable and designed to provide comfort to the users. If the customer faces any problem or damage by the improper use of the product, Suiting Style will not be responsible for that.

Suiting Style has every right to change the terms and conditions whenever they want. Changes in terms and conditions are quickly updated on this page as soon as the authorities approve them. Visitors are advised to visit the page to get updates about our terms and conditions.

Our team ensures to provide you the best quality products. The products’ quality is very close to the images shown on our website and the content written about these products. If the customer gets a product with a changed design or color, it is not our fault; rather, the manufacturer has produced the product with changes. If the product is damaged or it has any defect, we are responsible for that. We will make sure that you get a new product as soon as possible.

Suiting Style has the right to decline any order if the product or the related raw material is not available. Moreover, we can also refuse to take the order if the customer is involved in any suspicious activity.